B2B services

We offer direct supplies of rice, grits, cereal products and legumes in packages catering - bags foil 2kg, 3kg, 5kg and industrial - bags of 25kg, 50kg, big bags, containers - for wholesale distribution, catering, manufacturing, konfekcjonerów cereal products, industry , etc.


Terms negotiated individually on request in the form of email or telephone contact.

Inquiries should be directed to: Artur Pieprzowski - Head of Sales for. B2B and catering.

tel.+48 609 794 775,

e-mail: artur.pieprzowski@sawexfoods.pl


White Long Grain Rice 5 kg

Basmati Rice 5 kg

Wild Rice 100% 5 kg

Wild & Parboiled Rice 5 kg

Parboiled Rice 5 kg

Natural Brown Rice 5 kg

Jasmine Rice 5 kg

Rice for risotto 5kg

Couscous 5 kg

Bulgur groats 5kg

Chickpea 5 kg

Red Lentils 5 kg

Green Lentils 5 kg

Lentils Black 5kg

White Long Grain Rice 5kg

Buckwheat Groats 5kg

Coarse barley groats 5kg

Millet Groats 3kg

Shelled Peas Halves 5kg

'Piękny Jaś Karłowy' Bean 5kg

Fine Beans 5kg

Groats hulled 5kg

Long Grain White Rice 5kg

Roasted Buckwheat 3kg

Peas Whole 3 kg

Peas Halves 3 kg

'Jaś Tyczny' Beans 3 kg

'Jaś Karłowy' Beans 3 kg

Coloured Beans 3 kg

Rice for sushi 2 kg

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