Rice 4 colors 0.5 kg - 0,5 kg

Excellent mix contained in the Rice 4 colors by Britta is a proposal exceptionally tasty and healthy. The first component of the composition is formulated heat-parboiled rice. It is characterized by golden color, and after cooking is always flowing and never sticky. On the other hand, wild rice, which in fact is a species of oats water is a guarantee of the original, peanut flavor and aroma, suitable dishes can oriental notes. Grain jasmine rice, red will give a bid distinctive taste. The last component of this unique composition is black jasmine rice also called “imperial delicacy.” Summary of the most interesting types of rice flavor that makes each dish enriched Rice 4 colors by Britta will be a culinary masterpiece. This unique composition of our more attractive dish is not only an interesting taste, but also the juxtaposition of colors that will delight the eye.

Rice 4 Colours by Britta is composed of 4 four types of rice:

  • parboiled,
  • wild
  • red jasmine,
  • black jasmine.


Rice 4 Colours is a product aimed to spice up dishes without losing their excellent taste. And it works both as a quick meal as well as an addition to exquisite dishes.

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