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Sawex Foods - because quality comes at a price!

Sawex Sp. z o.o. was established in 1989. Its main scope is to trade in a wide range of food and chemical products in both domestic and international markets. The name SAWEX is derived from the surname of its founders, Sawicki (SAW), and the word export (EX).

We focus on quality

Sawex Sp z o.o. was the first importer of rice in cooking sachets in Poland - thus introducing, this form of packaging, to the domestic market. Initially, we cooperated with German dry goods manufacturer Mueller's Muehle as the exclusive distributor of its premium brands Britta, Golden Reis and Doris on the Polish market, while also exporting Polish foodstuffs, becoming, among others. in 1993, the largest exporter of beans

Satisfied customers

In the following years, we focused on developing our brand portfolio and sales in the modern distribution channel. We have established business cooperation with domestic manufacturers and packagers of dry products. We have expanded our commercial offerings to include a variety of rice, breakfast cereals, groats and pulses. In order to meet the needs of the market, and to guarantee customers the highest quality and fully comply with EU quality standards, we launched a modern Production Plant in Koscierzyna in 2004. Today we boast an IFS certified International Food Standard.

We create jobs

In 1990, there were only five people working in our company. By the time we opened the Koscierzyna plant, we employed about 20 people. Currently, after opening the Production Plant and changing the organizational structure, we employ nearly 100 people.