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Sawex Foods - a proven partner

Over 30 years of experience in importing, packaging and sales of cereal products makes us a trustworthy partner guaranteeing our customers a wide range of products for catering and industry, timely deliveries and after-sales service. We offer direct deliveries of rice, groats, cereals and legumes in catering and industrial packaging as well as entire containers for distribution wholesalers, catering, production plants and grain packagers with a logistic minimum of 1 pallet with the possibility of mixing the assortment. Thanks to the high quality standards of our production plant (IFS certificate) and cooperation with proven suppliers of selected and tested grains, we offer our customers high-quality natural products with repeatable quality parameters.
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Direct delivery of catering products

We supply a wide range of products in catering packaging under the brands: RANI, HALINA, SOTTO and SUGOI with various weights of 2kg, 3kg and 5kg depending on the assortment and the needs of our customers. We provide quick deliveries of products throughout the country and abroad, ensuring continuous availability of products with constant cooperation. Detailed monitoring of the parameters of the raw materials delivered to us and a fully controlled process of their cleaning, packaging and storage guarantee our customers the highest quality of the delivered products, which allows us to fully meet their needs and create unforgettable compositions of delicious catering dishes that suit the tastes of consumers.
A detailed offer of catering products, including logistic data and descriptions, is available in the CATERING tab

Offer for your business

We are a supplier of raw materials and packaged products in a wide assortment to the largest production plants and retail chains in the country and abroad. We offer fast deliveries of products in industrial packaging with a weight of 15 kg, 25 kg, big bag - 1000 kg and containers - 24,000 kg. In order to ensure the supply of the highest quality products to our customers, we have introduced a very rigorous control system for the raw materials supplied to us; we have our own laboratory where the compliance of the parameters of the supplied raw materials with our quality specifications is tested. Before being packed in sales packaging, most raw materials undergo a specialized cleaning process in our production plant, which guarantees high purity of the grain in the final product.
We also offer the possibility of packaging selected raw materials under your company's own brand, many retail chains and distribution warehouses have already benefited from this offer.
A detailed offer for products in industrial packaging for B2B customers is available in the B2B tab

The perfection of each portion

Selected grains from proven suppliers, control of parameters and monitoring of raw materials at every stage of production, as well as qualified staff who ensure that the packaging process is carried out with the utmost care and that the quality of our products meets the needs of even the most demanding customers. Thanks to our products, you can provide your customers with dishes that will delight them with the taste and quality of ingredients and will make each serving perfect.