Contact for sales issues

ul. Wiertnicza 70
02-952 Warszawa
NIP: 951-234-98-80

tel.: +48 (0 22) 651 79 04 do 07
faks: +48 (0 22) 651 79 09

In matters of sales, please contact us at

For suppliers

Sawexfoods producer of products from rice, groats, peas, cereals, and beans due to the constantly increasing
production invites to cooperation raw material producers in the conventional and bio version for example.

  • Rice: White, jasmine, basmati, brown, wild, sushi
  • Lentils: yellow, green, black, red
  • Beans: red, white, Lima, bamboo, pinto, adzuki, black eye, garbanzo
  • And other: amaranth, quinoa, chia, chickpeas

We invite you to cooperate with manufacturers of cardboard packaging and corrugated printing foil
We invite logistics, transport companies

All interested please contact on email:


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